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The Cannabis Wellness Center is a cannabis collective located along the Bay Area Peninsula in the peaceful, serene town of Pacifica, CA.  Pacifica is a place where wonders never cease, whether there is fog, or sun, rain or shine, the true beauty of Pacifica blossoms through to the bay area. Hidden under fog, yet glistened by the ocean and sun, Pacifica is its own little haven, and The Cannabis Wellness Center is there to help it shine through. 

Mission Statement

We the patients of the Cannabis Wellness Center, a non-profit organization, commits to offer uncompromising quality and service in providing medical cannabis resources in the best interest of the overall health and well-being of our fellow patients and collective members.

The Cannabis Wellness Center, whether involved in the healthcare and/or delivery of services, was established to become the backbone of the global, cannabis health care system. Health care, like education, is a "public good" or "social service", essential to human dignity and the pursuit of happiness...with the integration of medical marijuana can help improve the quality of life for all suffering from chronic illness or disease.

• The sick relies on the accessibility of resources to get well. • Health care needs differ with every individual.

• Governments can try to meet all of society’s needs but the power of the people can fill in the gaps.

Established in 2012, the overriding purpose of the Cannabis Wellness Center as a non- profit healthcare organization is to "do well" for the benefit of our underprivileged communities. Unlike investor-owned organizations, which are economically driven and legally obligated to do well financially for their owners, with profits primary, the Cannabis Wellness Center is obligated along with government at all levels to meet society’s needs for medical cannabis education, awareness, research, advocacy and accessibility. Meeting the needs of the most vulnerable members of our medical communities is our priority. Profits of nonprofit health care organizations do not inure to the benefit of individuals and, while necessary over the long run, are secondary.

We provide as much information as we can about cannabis. We do that so you can take the information and make the best decisions possible to complement your current medical therapies.

Mission Statement
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